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Meet Our Team


Cheryl Fountain

Editor, Publishing and Vision Consultant, Book Designer, and Marketing

Cheryl is the founder and CEO of Raspberry Press. As a believer in following dreams, her goal is to make publishing a positive experience and to help authors get their books out into the world affordably.


With her 18 years of business experience, social work degree,  communication training, and 6 titles published, her skill sets support the entire publishing journey. She comes from a place of encouragement, assisting writers to bring their ideas and manuscripts from any stage to finalized publications.

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Madelyn Keane

Editor and Vision Consultant

Madelyn believes stories communicate a multitude of emotions, goals, and dreams. All thoughts and feelings are worthy of being considered. Books make life interesting, and she is here to help bring more books into the world!


With two decades of coaching and visioning experience, Madelyn can help bring your vision into reality.


Being a writer takes a lot of courage, and the editing process should be one of encouragement. In the world of indie publishing, she specializes in editing and proofreading for many genres.


James Boylan

Cover Designer, Marketing, and Sales

James has been in sales and media for three decades. Having started his career at TVNC/APTN and then CBC, and entering sales in the latter part of his journey, he adds his unique thought process to the overall publishing experience.


He can take any idea and make it a little better, which fine tunes publications and sets them up for success on maximizing returns.

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Wyatt Tremblay

Graphic Designer and Marketing

Wyatt Tremblay is a graphic designer with decades of experience in advertising, magazine, newsletter, newspaper design, and social media promotions.


Born in Jasper, Alberta, Tremblay is the recipient of several Canadian Newspaper and BC/Yukon Newspaper Awards, is an arts writer for Airdrie Life Magazine, and is the author of two speculative fiction works, Medusa Gone and iDead.

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