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Whispers of the Soul

ISBN 9781738224401

In the enchanting pages within Whispers of the Soul, Anita Adams introduces "The Wisdom Way" inviting you to transcend the ordinary and embrace a more conscious existence. Dive into a profound understanding of your true self, guided by inner wisdom illuminating the path. From here, life takes on a new rhythm, flowing effortlessly as you align with purpose, passion, and joy. 

Through the delicate art of storytelling, Anita shares personal revelations unveiling the secrets and steps of connecting with inner wisdom. Let this book be your compass on the journey towards a life where every whisper of your soul leads you to profound self-discovery and lasting fulfillment. 

Anita Adams

The Key To Enniskillen

ISBN 9781778088155
When Aidan Ames inherits a house from his grandfather, he discovers that the closet on the third floor is a doorway to a system of wormholes that connect to dozens of locations around the world. He also learns that he is the sole owner of The Enniskillen Group, a global company worth billions that has existed for centuries in the shadows. Armed with a skeleton key, his grandfather’s journal, and his curiosity, Aidan begins a journey that challenges his values, and his relationships, and leads to a confrontation with a centuries-old quest for vengeance.

Wyatt Tremblay

Dragon Seal_1600 x 2560_v5.jpeg

Dragon Seal: The Light of Swords

ISBN 9781738830305

Book 4 of the Dragonshadowed series. The adventure continues as the warrior priestess, her brother, and her friends enforce their reign under the watch of the great dragon clans. The new rulers ride to restore justice. Rebellious barons, political maneuvers, and hostile magic conspire against the new lords. The former count strikes from the shadows to exact revenge. Deadly poison consumes a friend.


This is the fourth book of the Dragonshadowed series and follows Dragon Rise: Swords of Justice. The fifth book, Dragon March: A Piercing Through Darkness, will be available in 2025.


Fans of The Game of Thrones and fantasy role-players will love this book. This high fantasy action-adventure story is set in an alternate world similar to Earth’s medieval period where the laws of magic have replaced the laws of science. 

Carl A. Bathgate

ss2 cover for posts.png

Sock Soup 2: The Secret of the Cursed Cauldron

ISBN 9781998772179

Book 2 in the Sock Soup Series!

The adventure continues! Claire journeys into the Sock Monster’s world to help him solve a mystery of his own. Every time someone eats his soup they change colours!

What is happening to the soup? Will his friends be okay?

Cheryl Fountain
Illustrated by Mark Wolke

ABC cover for posts.png

Billy Bumble's Besties: An Amazing Alphabet Alliteration Adventure

ISBN 9781068820922

A Fun Filled Adventure Learning the Alphabet and Alliteration


Join Billy Bee on an adventure to visit his friends and see all the fun things they are doing. Learn the alphabet and what alliteration is in a fun and engaging way. The book includes bonus content with fun facts about some of Billy’s friends. More fun for you! Search and find items that start with the letter on the page.

Deanna Lukan
Illustrated by Sonia Kandera

Dark Watershed Cover for Posts.png

Dark Watershed:
The Breaking of America

ISBN 9781738155835

It’s 2029. Eighty Million Americans have run out of fresh water. 


With a four decades long drought plaguing the United States Southwest, their newly elected president plans to make good on her campaign promises to bring fresh water to the desert. The New American Republic looks to their northern neighbour to fulfill this promise, but Canada’s water is not for sale.


As tensions increase between the two historically friendly neighbours to levels not seen since the war of 1812, Canada is put in the unenviable position of preparing to defend the longest undefended border in the world against the most powerful military machine in history. Can it be done?


This is the newest book in the Smithyman Saga. In the saga, historian More unlocks the complicated history dispelling many myths, both historical and contemporary, related to the long relationship between Canada and the United States that divided northern North America into two sovereign states.

David More



I Love My Family

ISBN 9781777310530
A heartwarming story to share with your child, grandchild, and for early and developing readers. Colourful pictures, rhyming words, and repeating refrain: "I love my family", makes this book an excellent gift for baby showers, birthdays, and holidays.

"This tale of a young family and their happy life will delight younger readers as well as the adults reading it to them. The plot is a joyful discovery. This delightful book is highly recommended for children of all ages." –A. Sears

Cheryl Fountain
Illustrated by Lorraine Shulba

Screen Shot 2022-06-30 at 7.02.56 AM.png

ISBN 9781777310554 

A fun story solving the age-old mystery of what happens to all the missing socks on laundry day. Join seven-year-old Claire as she determines to find out. A great gift for birthdays, holidays, or just because.

Cheryl Fountain
Illustrated by Lorraine Shulba

Screen Shot 2023-01-12 at 4.27.20 PM.png

New Release February 2023

ISBN 9781777310578  

Jeremy the Canada goose is going on his first flight south. On his way he struggles and worries if he can keep up with the flock. With help from a friend can Jeremy make it through the migration and learn to become a leader himself?

Cheryl Fountain
Illustrated by Lorraine Shulba

Screen Shot 2023-05-20 at 12.01.04 PM.png

ISBN 9781998772117   

A story of a young boy named Gryphon whose cat continuously tries to sleep on his head. Although his mom keeps removing the cat, nothing seems to stop the cat from finding a way back into Gryphon's room. Read this funny story and see how Gryphon figures out what the cat really wants.

Cheryl Fountain
Illustrated by Cat Matigina

Poetry & Novellas

Poetry, Plays, & Novellas


Poems from a Squeegee Kid

ISBN 9781777310547 
A Conversation Starter! This collection by author Cheryl Fountain features forty-seven poems written by a young Cheryl living on the street, trying to make sense of life, love, and sometimes journeying into a fantasy land. While witnessing how people treat each other, the author came to a realization, that living on the street you are no longer seen as a person, you are treated as an object – a “squeegee kid."

Cheryl Fountain


And Other Short Stories

ISBN 9781778088131

“My ears are still ringing.” I sighed and took a deep swig of coffee. It was too hot and I slammed the cup down, scalding Java splashing around my hand. 
“Ah! I can’t go on. I don’t want to know anything more about her bowel movements or, dear god, her sex life.”
From a co-worker whose endless dialogue is an analog blog in the workplace, to a completely human-less way to pass from life to death, 
to a disturbing encounter with a baby on a sidewalk, this collection of short stories by Wyatt Tremblay are reflections on the joys, hopes, and sorrows of life.

Wyatt Tremblay

Hamlet Cover JPG.jpg


Port Royal's Lost Pirate Translation

ISBN 978177731058

To be, or nah t' be: that be the riddle! Set in Denmark, the tale depicts Prince Hamlet 'n his attempts t' exact revenge against his uncle Claudius, who has murdered his father, married his dear ol' mum, 'n commandeered his throne!

Somethin' be rotten in the state o' Denmark!  

William Shakespeare
Translated by James Boylan aka Jimy B.


Assertiveness Cover.jpg


A Life Changing Communication Skill

ISBN 9781777310509 

Own your power, and free yourself from fear with the skills in this book by Cheryl Fountain. Assertiveness helps you break free from negative thought and behavioural patterns, calms anxiety, increases confidence and self-esteem, and helps you develop more peaceful and respectful relationships.

This book includes a new take on successful communication by adding mind-body and emotional wisdom to tested skills and techniques that will support you owning your power, freeing you from fear, and living life with more purpose.

As a teacher of assertive training, Cheryl provides readers a knowledge base of skills with concrete examples to easily integrate assertiveness into their own lives.

A reviewer on Amazon states: "Definitely recommend for anybody looking for clarity, confidence, grounding techniques, and an overall inspiring story."

Open up to a practical skill that can change your life by improving your personal and professional relationships, your overall wellbeing, and most importantly the relationship with yourself!

Cheryl Fountain

Speculative and Science Fiction

Medusa Gone A Novel eBook cover.png

ISBN 978-1778088148
When two aging super beings are transported into the bodies of younger versions of themselves from an alternate universe during what was to be the final epic battle, chaos ensues.

19 year old student Hunter Mackenzie, and 26 year old entrepreneur Thomas Stewart are forced to share their bodies with older, powerful versions of themselves. Will they be able to handle their newly developing super powers? Can they finally end the centuries long conflict before destroying our world? What will their girlfriends think?

Wyatt Tremblay

History and Historical Fiction

History and Historical Fiction

Loyal Watermen Cover PNG.png

Loyal Watermen

ISBN 9781738155828
More illuminates fascinating history along an important stretch of Canada’s “South Coast”  along the upper St. Lawrence River and the lower Great Lakes between Montreal and Windsor. During the first half-century following the ‘Conquest’ in 1760, tens of thousands of French-Canadians working along  this water highway became critically important elements in the defence of Canada. The Canadiens made major contributions to Canada’s survival through several  American invasions aimed at annexing the then-British colony in 1775 and in 1812-14. No other histories of Canada have examined in detail the role and work of these mostly anonymous and largely forgotten mariners — sailors, shipbuilders, and batteau men alike — and this book reveals new aspects of the developing relationship between British, French-Canadian and American settlers. The permanent division of North America into two nations north of Mexico that resulted was a significant event in world history.

David More

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