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Inspired to Write at a Farmer’s Market

This was my first year with a booth at the St. Albert Farmer’s Market. I thought booking a table once a month to share my books would be a nice way to get the word out about my books and a great place to have regular book signings in the local area. At the St. Albert Farmer’s it isn’t just about selling and buying, there are connections made there that enrich the experience. These connections can be for moments, or connections you make there can last for years. I met Lorraine Shulba, the lady who illustrated my first three children’s books, at the market last year when I was visiting as a customer for example.

During my June market attendance, booth all set up, weighted down so the wind wouldn’t take away the tent, books displayed on the table, with my “Local Author” banner hung proudly, a man came up to me.

“You know what would be a good book idea,” he said. “I am not sure if you are the right person to write it or not, but this book is really important.”

“Oh, what is your book idea?” I replied.

“A book on love, what love is, and what love isn’t. The world could really use this right now.”

I agreed with him and listened as he went deeper into this topic for a book. As he spoke his arms were moving in full expression, coffee in hand, and drips of coffee were flying off his cup. He was deep into his theories and philosophy on love.

It was beautiful to watch. I dabbed the coffee drops off my booth’s table cloth and realized the value of his inspiration. I had a customer come up and I made a sale, and he summarized his story on the importance of knowing what love is and how this knowledge is needed right now in the world.

Magic, joy, sparking energy and imagination (also known as inspiration) is a major goal of my writing and my story of being an author. Inspiration can come that simply- being prompted by someone who is living speaking, writing, and sharing their words which encourages others to share their words. Inspiration for books comes from regular life events such as swinging and singing with a child, theorizing creative reasons for the silly things that occur in life, or hearing someone’s passion to share wisdom about a topic that matters. Thank you to that man for sharing his passion and wisdom with me. Thank you to all the people who stopped by my booth at the market. Thank you for all who read the words written by others and experience joy and learning with the turning pages. May each of you find inspiration in the moments and events in your lives, and may you express and share that inspiration in the way that is most meaningful for you!

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