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Benefits of Assertive Communication

I cannot believe it is almost a year since I published my first book! This journey of being an author has enriched my life. I am now one of the world’s creators, and I am learning so much along the way. I am writing this blog to celebrate the anniversary of Assertiveness: A Life Changing Communication Skill and to share more about what assertiveness is.

A lot of people do not really know what assertiveness is. In fact they pair assertiveness with aggressiveness. Assertive communication is actually a way to get more of what you want in life, in a much more respectful way than other tried ways. Assertiveness helps you break free from negative thought and behavioural patterns, calms anxiety, increases confidence and self-esteem, and helps you develop more peaceful and respectful relationships.

My book differs from other communication books as it includes a new take on successful communication by adding mind-body and emotional wisdom to tested skills and techniques that will support you owning your power, freeing you from fear, and living life with more purpose.

Similar to Thibault Meurisse’s best-selling book Master Your Emotions, Assertiveness: A Life Changing Communication Skill describes how emotions are triggered, ways to work with your emotions, and techniques to move through your emotions while also speaking up for yourself respectfully and with purpose. It goes a step above most other books

in the genre by introducing Emotional Wisdom Theory, which is a modern take on Emotional Intelligence. Emotional wisdom adds the mind body and spirit connection to navigating life and includes an updated theory of understanding how our psyche’s work.

Similar to Gabrielle Berinstein’s works , my book aims to help others’ calm anxiety, be free from fear, and gain more personal confidence and self-esteem, and offers the practical skills, mindset, and theory to do so. The tools in this book teach you to use words and tone consciously, how to recognize and respond to emotional triggers, and has easy to follow techniques to you train your brain how to respond instead of react to life’s situations.

Assertive skills and communication are practical, time-tested avenues to attain healthy relationships, and self-value, that concurrently opens doors to finding and living your purpose. When you can walk with confidence, offer respect to others, and value yourself, doors open to possibilities in this life-time. By regularly using assertiveness, your mind becomes more clear from negativity and self-doubt, giving you the freedom to open up to your true self, your value, and creating your life from yourself, versus creating a life built by other’s standards and wishes. Freedom is what assertive communication offers. The emotional wisdom component supports this freedom because when you learn more about your emotions and how they work, you can move through life understanding and honoring your emotions, as well as your deepest desires and your inner truths.

As a teacher of assertive training, I provide readers a knowledge base of skills

with concrete examples to easily integrate assertiveness and emotional wisdom into their own lives.

Open up to a practical skill that can change your life by improving your personal and professional relationships, your overall wellbeing, and most importantly the relationship with yourself!

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